Abby Mccauley Obituary, Death – Abby Mccauley of Boonsboro, Maryland has unexpectedly passed away with her family at her side. Abby had been married to Todd L. Mccauley before the two of them divorced. She was born on December 23, in Tarrytown, New York, to Dermot McSorley and Lois (Reynolds) Abby McSorley was her name, and she was their daughter. She completed her education in Plymouth, where she was born and raised, and graduated from Plymouth Carver High School. Both of these establishments are in Plymouth.

She had worked as a Human Resources manager for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the majority of her life, until she decided to retire earlier than expected. Following that, she continued to work for the Commonwealth, but this time as a consultant rather than an employee. Abby was a woman with many interests; some of her favorite pastimes included fishing, cooking, and creating various arts and crafts. She and her husband, Todd, were avid sailors in addition to being accomplished jewelers. She was also very talented at making jewelry.

As a member of the Plymouth Yacht Club’s crew, Abby provided a valuable service to the organization. She never stopped helping anyone who needed it, regardless of whether they asked for it or not. She did it whether or not she was asked. Everyone in the room would be grinning from ear to ear as soon as she walked into the room because of her bubbly personality and infectious grin. Above all, Abby prioritized spending time with her family because she saw it as the most important aspect of her life. She left an indelible imprint on the hearts of countless people, and now that she has passed away, those people will miss her greatly.

In addition to divorcing her husband Todd and becoming a single parent, Abby gave birth to her daughter Rachel Harms, who currently resides in Brockton. Rachel, also known as Rachel, is the daughter of Abby and Todd. Tristan Sirrico, Seamus Mitchell, Ari Mitchell, Jackson Harms, and Declan Jarrod all adored her. Her grandchildren were Tristan, Seamus, Ari, and Jackson. She was also the sister of Dermot McSorley, who lives in Dorchester, Sarah McSorley, who lives in Mt. Vernon, Maine, Beth McSorley, who lives in Plymouth, and Katheryn McSorley, who also lives in Plymouth. In addition, she was Deirdre Coughenour’s half-sister. Her grandchildren’s names were Tristan, Seamus, Ari, and Jackson, in that order.