Adam Burns Obituary, Death – Katie and the girls were treated to two days of breathtaking beauty on Wednesday and Thursday. The congregation, the prayers, and the times spent together. Adam was successful in achieving all of Katie’s palliative goals, which she had set a few days earlier. The final of Katie’s goals was for the girls to spend time with Adam away from the vent and just enjoy being around him. As an additional goal, she wanted to bring in the rest of the family so that they could also see him away from the vent and spend time with him.

On Thursday, at approximately one o’clock in the afternoon, they disconnected the EEG. They removed the EVD drain at approximately 2:50 in the afternoon, and at approximately 3:16 he was brought down from the vent. He handled everything very well. Katie and the girls cherished the time they got to spend together. Thursday night was a fun night for Katie, Adam, and the girls to spend together, and Adam enjoyed his relaxed state. Around three in the morning on Friday, Katie woke up and went back to lying down in Adam’s bed with him. At 3:30 in the morning, the young ladies woke up to give him a hug, take his hands, and tell him how much they loved him.

At four in the morning, Katie could already see that he was lost and in need of the Lord’s salvation. He looked her in the eyes and left for home at approximately 4:30 in the morning after she told him it was okay to go home and go walk with Jesus.
He is currently in the most incredible location. We are aware of this. The girls have been nothing short of amazing throughout this whole ordeal, and they have been surrounding their father with their love and saying the most beautiful things. Katie is the most resilient person I am acquainted with. They will require all of us to pray for them and to show them the love that we have for them at all times.

As the Burns and Sponder families continue to work through this process together, we ask that you continue to pray for all of them. Pray for the children, coworkers, athletes, and friends who will have to go to work or school today and attempt to navigate this difficult situation. Please lift up Katie and the girls in prayer. Pray that God will give them the fortitude and strength they need to make it through this world without Adam and that when they do finally reunite with him, it will be in a place that we can only imagine. Pray.  I would like to thank everyone for the love and prayers that they have been sending my way. They can be experienced. All of you have our love.