Aidan Gillespie Obituary, Death -The unfathomable anguish that Melissa and David Gillespie went through after the untimely passing of their firstborn son, Aidan David Gillespie, at such a young age is the kind of devastation that every parent fears and strives to prevent the best of their abilities to the extent that they are able to do so. The Gillespies lost their firstborn son Aidan David at such a young age. In the years in question, Aidan David Gillespie had just turned 13 when the events in issue took place. The events that are at issue took happened within that period of time.

Aidan, who is the oldest of Logan, Killian, and Payton’s brothers, went to the Aux Sable middle school in Plainfield, Illinois. This school is located in the state of Illinois. In addition to this, Aidan is the most gregarious of the three brothers. It was determined, after conducting some research into the matter, that he was Payton’s older brother. Aidan was the eldest of the three, and his younger siblings, Logan, Killian, and Payton, all surpassed him in age. Aidan was the oldest of three children. Aidan was of the opinion that the fields of physics and mathematics were each very fascinating in their own right as areas of academic study. In addition to being an enthusiastic Dungeons & Dragons player, he was also a great musician who played the saxophone.

This effort to gather money was started with the intention of providing Melissa and David with the financial support that they require in order to meet the costs that are associated with the burial of Adian as well as the funeral services that he will receive. The goal of this effort is to provide Melissa and David with the financial support that they require in order to meet these costs. One of the reasons that the project was launched was with the intention of helping Melissa and David achieve their goals, and that goal was one of the reasons that the project was established. We are appreciative of any donation, regardless of how modest it may be, and we accept each one with the same amount of thankfulness and appreciation. Click HERE To View¬† GoFundMe Aidan Gillespie’s Obituary