Al Taylor Obituary, Death – Mr. Al Taylor, a longtime Marquette University High School coach and assistant dean of students has passed away. During the 22 years that Mr. Taylor was employed at MUHS, he became well-known for a variety of antics, some of which included shaking his key ring, carrying a baseball bat, and delivering one-liners. The thing that people remember him most for, however, is the genuine concern that he showed for the students at MUHS. Defined the community’s guiding principles and values at MUHS. A pillar upon which the community can build its foundation.

This man had a major crush on me. While I was a student at MUHS, I participated in some of the most open and honest discussions I’ve ever had. In the end, the message was grasped even though some of them only presented one side of the argument. Have some rest, you’re the coach. I will never stop loving you. I participated in a tuition assistance program with him and worked alongside him for two summers. He got a kick out of seeing us put in long hours of labor. However, in addition to that, we were complimented on the excellent work that we had done. Then, in the middle of everything, there is all of the excitement and stress.

We all have a good laugh about the way he took control of the discussion. The fact that he possessed keys and baseball bats was completely unnecessary. That was the actor or actress who was playing the part. Mr. Taylor’s words and the deeds he did to back up those words were the linchpins upon which he built and maintained the respect of others. This respect was essential to Mr. Taylor’s success. (on the other hand, focusing on the mythos is never a bad idea, right?).

You were always aware that he was a human being, but in my own thoughts, I pictured him as being immortal. You were always aware of the fact that he was a human being. On the other hand, those who took part in the work study program were granted access to information that normally would only be available to a limited number of people. We won’t have him around as much as we’d like. A truly remarkable person has passed away, and their passing will be missed. He stood out to me as one of the most memorable members of the staff throughout the time that I spent there. As a mark of respect for him, I will rattle the keys to my home.