Alesia Wadsworth Obituary, Death – The juvenile who is accused of killing both his mother and his mother’s boyfriend was scheduled to appear in court on Monday evening. The hearing was scheduled for the juvenile. Nicholas Fiebka is currently being questioned by a judge regarding the murder charge leveled against him. On Tuesday, the bodies of Bill Horwedel and Alesia Wadsworth were discovered, both of them having been shot to death.

The residence of the family, which can be found at 1155 Reynolds Road in the tight-knit neighborhood of Princetown, is where the state police believe the homicides took place, according to the investigators. In the meantime, those who worked at the Briar Creek Golf Course and knew the couple are grieving over the loss of two treasured customers. The couple was a regular at the course. After finishing their round of golf together, Horwedel and Wadsworth would reportedly frequently go on dates together at the 19th Hole Café, which is owned by the same person who is also the proprietor of the course.

“They are always standing when you come into contact with them in any way, shape, or form. They are jovial and say things like, “Hey, how are you doing, good to see you,” and he was just an overall positive and cheery individual in general. The owner of the Briar Creek Golf Course, Bill Sise, was quoted as saying, “They had a wonderful family and all that, and it’s just, it’s a shame.” “Simply seeing his happy face, as well as seeing her smile at the same time. Paul Drago, proprietor of the 19th Hole Café, remarked that it was “nice to see them and just talk to them about business or his kids, who are everything to him, his two boys that I knew very well, the troopers.” Drago was referring to his two sons.

The week before, reporters from NewsChannel 13 were seen outside of a second residence, which was reportedly where Fiebka lived. It is located at 40 Union Avenue, directly opposite Union College, in case you were wondering. In order to look for evidence, state police remained at the scene for a significant amount of time, during which they made multiple trips into and out of the residence while wearing protective gear.