Alexander Maguire Obituary, Death -The man who was killed in an accident on Tuesday night near Hartford has been identified by the authorities. The incident took place there. There is where the incident took place. There is the location of the incident in question. There is the site of the alleged criminal activity in question. Alexander C. Maguire, 22, of Wood River, Illinois, was pronounced dead at the scene of a collision that took place on Illinois 3 southbound at Oldenburg Road at approximately 10:12 p.m. on Tuesday night, according to the Illinois State Police. The incident occurred on Illinois 3 southbound at Oldenburg Road. The crash occurred at the intersection of Illinois 3 and Oldenburg Road in Illinois. The collision occurred on Illinois 3 while it was traveling southbound at the intersection with Oldenburg Road. The collision occurred in the U.S. state of Illinois at the intersection of Illinois 3 and Oldenburg Road.

Jeremy G. Packer, 30, of Granite City was driving a 2017 Silver Hyundai Veloster when he was involved in a collision that was caused by Maguire, who was reportedly driving a 2014 Nissan Versa Note in the wrong direction on Illinois 3. At the time of the collision, Packer was heading in the opposite direction of Maguire’s vehicle. The collision took place on Illinois State Route 3 in the state of Illinois. After an investigation, the local medical examiner came to the conclusion that Maguire was no longer conscious and, as a result, was no longer alive. This conclusion was reached because the examiner determined that Maguire was no longer alive. This was the conclusion that could be drawn from the findings of the medical examiner. Following the occurrence of the accident, Mr. Packer was transported to a nearby medical facility in order to receive treatment. This was accomplished by means of an ambulance.

Highway 3 in Illinois was closed for the duration of the investigation into the crash, which lasted until approximately 2:55 in the morning on Wednesday. The investigation into the crash was the reason for the closure.