Alisha Allen Obituary, Death – The court determined that Alisha Allen’s death was caused by her father shaking her to death, and as a consequence, he was given a sentence of twelve years in prison for his involvement in his daughter’s death. The sentence was given because the court found that he was responsible for his daughter’s death. Her mother was given a prison sentence of 52 weeks, but she has the opportunity to have it suspended for a period of two years. Her mother had struggled throughout her life with a learning disability. Her name was added to the CPS register before Alisha was even born; however, when her family moved, she was supposed to be placed back on the same register; as a result, she was not immediately assigned a case worker.

Her name was added to the CPS register before her family moved. The name of Alisha was added to the CPS register prior to the time that her family relocated. When the time came, the responsibility for completing the task was given to a member of the staff who did not possess the appropriate credentials. Consequently, the task was not completed successfully. In the year 2006, a diagnosis of malnutrition was made for Alisha, and as a consequence, she was admitted to the hospital. In addition to this, it was discovered that her father had issues with keeping his temper in check and suffered from clinical depression.

As a direct result of allegations that he had abused his biological children as well as the children that were his girlfriend’s responsibility, he was prohibited from having any kind of interaction with those children. Either this information was not shared, or the CPS of Sutherland and the Durham safeguarding and specialist team did not notice it when it was brought to their attention. One of these two explanations must be correct. One of these two possibilities has to be the one that’s right.