Amanda Deaton Obituary, Death – A woman who had been reported missing is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the coroner, who is currently looking into the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death. The investigation is looking into the woman’s body and the circumstances surrounding her passing. At 5:15 in the evening, it was found out that Amanda Deaton, who had been born and reared in Blacksburg and had been living for 43 years, had gone away. Amanda Deaton’s birthplace and place of upbringing were both in Blacksburg. Amanda Deaton had spent her entire childhood in Blacksburg, where she currently resided.

Her body was found in Blacksburg, which has been identified as the location where the discovery was made. The information that was provided by Dennis Fowler, who works as the coroner for Cherokee County, suggests that the incident took place on Wednesday somewhere in the region of Piney Knob Drive in Gaffney. This is according to the information that was provided by Dennis Fowler. This information came from him, as he was the one who provided it. According to the information that was provided by the corner, her body was found in a field that was about one and a half miles away from the road when it was found.

Taking into account what Fowler has said, it would appear that she has been staying there for a number of days at this point in time. This conclusion may be drawn as a result of the following: According to Fowler, members of Deaton’s family were the ones who filed the report of her disappearance after they had lost contact with her on November 30. They had reported their loss of communication with her to the authorities. After realizing that there was no way for them to get in touch with her, they decided to file a report on the matter. After it came to their attention that they were unable to get in touch with Deaton, they decided to file the report.

They made the decision to file the report after it was brought to their attention that they had been unsuccessful in their attempts to get in touch with Deaton. The office of the local coroner will conduct an autopsy on the body of Deaton in order to explore the precise causes that led to his passing and determine the specific circumstances that contributed to those causes. The results of the autopsy will be investigated by the local coroner.