Amanda Emberson Obituary,  Death –  Wednesday brought word that the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office will be initiating a homicide investigation into the death of a woman who was 33 years old. The news was delivered by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. The information was divulged by the agency in a press release. After the body of the woman was discovered a week earlier in a hotel room in Centennial, it was concluded that she had been dead for some time before the body was discovered. The dead body of the woman had been found in that location. About a week before the gathering that was planned to take place, the body of a woman was discovered in that location.

Since the previous Monday, when the body of the woman had been discovered, it had remained laying in that posture ever since it had been found. The discovery of the body took place on a Monday. The employees of a motel that can be found in the 9600 block of East Easter Avenue on December 2 discovered a woman who was unresponsive in one of the rooms and notified the authorities. After a search of the room, the woman was discovered hiding in the same spot where she had been looking for cover. The statements made by the Sheriff’s Office indicate that the deputies who rushed to the scene of the incident discovered that the circumstances surrounding the woman’s passing were highly suspicious. The circumstances included the woman’s body being found in a highly suspicious location.

The deputies made this discovery after they found out that the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death were exceedingly suspicious. After conducting their investigation, the deputies of the sheriff’s department came to the conclusion that the circumstances surrounding the death of the woman were highly suspicious. After the conclusion of the investigation, which determined that the crime had been committed, Amanda Nicole Emberson was singled out as the person who ought to be held in suspicion as the person who should be held accountable for the crime. It was determined by the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office that her death was the result of “self-inflicted injuries,” and her passing was classified as a homicide as a result of her injuries.

Her death was ruled to be the result of “self-inflicted injuries.” Due to the severity of her wounds, her death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner. The medical examiner determined that her death was the result of homicide because of the severity of her injuries. The evidence that was provided by her injuries led the investigators to the conclusion that she had been the victim of murder before she passed away. The law enforcement officers who were looking into the crime were on the lookout for a person of interest who they could question about the incident and talk to about it while they were looking into it. During the course of their investigation, they were looking for this person. Their investigation is concentrated on locating a man who goes by the name of Alexander James Morgan. At this point in time, Morgan has 28 years under her belt.