Amari Altomore Obituary, Death – A young guy who was shot on Tuesday evening in Monessen has sadly gone away as a result of the injuries he got as a result of the shooting. Sadly, his death was caused by the injuries he sustained in the shooting. Amari Altomore was identified as the victim of the assault by the coaching staff for the football team at Monessen High School. These individuals came out and disclosed this information to the public. They stepped forward and made this information available to the whole public. When Altomore was a junior in high school, he was a member of the football team and played as a lineman for the team.

Altomore’s accomplishments on the field helped the squad win a state championship. The team was able to win the state championship thanks in large part to Altomore’s performance on the field. The contribution that Altomore made off the field to the team’s overall success was critical in determining whether or not they would win the state championship. Altomore was unable to make it through surgery without experiencing any adverse effects, according to the statement that was posted on the website by Head Coach Wade Brown shortly after 2:00 p.m.

Altomore was unable to make it through surgery without experiencing any adverse effects. After the incident, which took place on South 14th Street in Pittsburgh, the victim was sent to a local hospital for treatment, and after receiving initial care there, they were later moved to another facility for additional medical attention. Unfortunately, his injuries were too serious for him to recover from, and he passed away at the scene of the incident where he was harmed as a result of his injuries. To this day, there has not been the slightest shred of evidence that might even tangentially be interpreted as having the slightest bit of cause for concern that has surfaced.