Anden Beek Obituary, Death – Anden Van Beek of Rock Valley Iowa has passed away. Anden Beek was born on March 4, but his mother, Elizabeth Beek, had already passed away before he was even conceived. Anden was born in Robeson County, North Carolina. Anden’s grandfather also went by the name Andy. Andy was born in this county in North Carolina. His exact birthplace is Robeson County. In addition to being an active member of Rachel Holiness Church, he worked for Fruit of the Loom for a number of years during his time spent working in the textile industry. During this time, he also served as an employee of the textile company.

During that time period, he held that position at Fruit of the Loom, where he was employed. When Andy had the opportunity to spend time outside, some of his favorite activities included fishing, tracking small game like rabbits and deer, and tinkering with lawn mowers. He also enjoyed hunting big game like deer and elk. His passing will be mourned by everyone who knew him and he will be remembered as a devoted husband, loving father, grandfather, brother, and friend by those who knew him. Everyone who was close to him, including his wife and children, grandchildren, brothers, uncles, and friends, will feel his loss.

The memories of him as a loving grandfather or grandfather figure will be ones that his great-grandchildren will cherish for a lifetime. In addition to both of his parents, Anden was predeceased by both of his brothers, Donald Guinn and Fred Beek. Anden was also predeceased by both of his grandparents. His great-grandparents were also taken from this world before he was born. Before Andy was even born, both of his parents as well as both of his grandparents had already passed away.

Anden is survived by his wife of 56 years, Gracie Knight Beek, who currently resides at the family home; his sons, James Beek and Leon Beek and his daughter, Linda Lovell (Eddie), all of Laurel Hill; his grandchildren, Elizabeth Marie Harding, Clarence Harding, Tyler Beek, Amanda Beek, and Gladys Beek; great grandchildren, Bailey Richardson, Sophia Jacobs, and Nevaeh Harding, and a host of other nieces and nephew.