Andre Barkley Obituary, Death – The news of Andre Barkley’s passing has left me in utter and complete devastation. When I go back to the first time I spoke with Andre, it was at a casual MAYDAY! meet and greet. He was a young man with a gentle demeanor, but it was obvious that he was in pain and he was confined to a wheelchair. He was accompanied by his mother, who also appeared to be a beautiful person and was working against a lot to make life better for her sick kid. The boy was sick. Andre shared with us how much the music had a calming effect on him and helped relieve some of the discomfort he was experiencing.

After that, he declared, “the next time I come to one of your shows, I’m going to be standing up for it.” And, you are aware of what? THAT WAS DONE BY HIM. I am unable to even begin to comprehend the level of discomfort that this young man was experiencing, but he stood for photographs and remained standing during our entire performance. My heart goes out to you, Andre, because life has given you such a difficult hand. It appears to be extremely unjust and makes no sense at all.

When I think about it, I am overwhelmed with a great sense of regret. However, in typical hero manner, you seemed to make the best of the situation despite everything that had happened. Although you were just half my age, your resilience will serve as a constant reminder to remain optimistic and resolute going forward, and I am grateful for that. My deepest condolences go out to every member of the Barkley family as well as to everyone else who knew Andre. His presence among us was really welcome. It was a delight to see him. Now, whenever I think of you, I always think, at least you aren’t in suffering any longer. May you ever find rest. ~ Wrekonize