Andrew Rawson Obituary, Death – On December 7th, Andrew was a passenger on a motorcycle that was involved in an accident that resulted in the death of another rider. The accident caused the rider’s death. The unfortunate other rider did not make it through the accident, which ultimately resulted in his passing away. We lost someone who had been with us for such a long time when they passed away at such a formative age. They had a spirit that was so incredibly lovely, and they had been with us for so long. Andrew has a wife Brittany and 4 beautiful children; Hagen 7yr, BraeLynn 5yr, Kinsley 4yr, and Cashton 1yr.

We are looking for assistance in raising $30,000 so that we can provide financial support to the family in addition to paying for the memorial service and the expenses that are associated with the funeral. This support would come in the form of paying for the expenses that are associated with the funeral. I am appreciative not only of the fact that you have given me your time but also of the consideration you have shown. If we have this much money, we will be able to pay for all of the costs that are associated with organizing these two events and hosting them.

If we do not have this much money, we will not be able to pay for any of these costs. Because Andrew was the sole provider for his lovely family of six, it was a significant burden not only on Brittany but also on the other members of the family as a result of the fact that he was the only person who worked. Brittany’s primary responsibility in terms of providing care was for an elderly family member who resided in the same home as she and her family. This relative had a significant dependence on Brittany for financial support. Click HERE to View Andrew Rawson Obituary