Anita Jagdeo Obituary, Death – God rest your soul Anita Jagdeo. The fact that I had to get up and hear the terrible news today was a significant contributor to the emotional toll that it took on me as a result of this situation. You were amazing, had a deep love for dancing, and brought smiles to the faces of people from all over the world. You demonstrated a remarkable dedication to the actualization of your religious beliefs. You did a wonderful job of attending each and every Zumba class that was offered. I am numb.

I am grateful that you have never failed to be there to offer me the blessing of your presence in addition to the uplifting words that you have spoken to me. Even though it’s been a while since you passed away, everyone in my Zumba family and I continue to mourn your loss each and every day. Without you, moving on is going to be an extremely challenging endeavor. On Wednesday, we had a pleasant and brief conversation; however, today I feel as though a thousand separate pieces of my heart have been shattered into a million pieces. It doesn’t matter to me what other people think of me because I don’t care… You do not have the slightest right to have behaved in such a manner at any point in time… None at all!

I say a prayer that the love and light that your magnificent spirit showered upon me in this life will continue to dance with me into the next realm of existence, which is where I will be moving on to. I will be forever grateful. Knowing that energy cannot be destroyed and that leaving the body is the same as being present with the Lord brings me some measure of comfort for some reason. I also find that knowing that energy cannot be destroyed allows me to better understand death.

Lost much too soon.
God rest your soul Anita