Armand Morales Obituary, Death -As of today, we are all grieving the loss of our dear buddy Armond Morales, who died away recently. “It was on a Thursday, February 25th, 1932 that he was born, and on a Monday, December 5th, 2022, he will be entering the arms of Jesus. His birth date was February 25th, 1932, and his death date is December 5th, 2022. In the interim, he traversed golden pathways on foot. The words “well done, a good and faithful servant!” will be audible to him when they are said to him. ” The statement was made by Bonnie, who has been Armond’s wife for the past 52 years.

Armond was the owner and manager of the Imperials from the very beginning, and he managed all of the numerous transitions that the team went through during that time. Armond has not too long ago retired from his positions in management and on the road; in fact, he did so only five years ago. In spite of the fact that Armond was no longer a member of the public team, he was always available to provide his invaluable advice and support whenever it was needed.

Everyone here was aware of the many honors and accolades that Armond had obtained over the years. Nevertheless, the prosperity of his family was the accomplishment of which he felt the greatest pride. You can rely on us to give you support, Bonnie and Jason, and that goes for both of you. You are deeply loved by all of us, and our prayers are constantly lifted up for you.
A special thank you to the one and only Armond… The hyphen is meant to show how quickly life may pass.

You are currently in The King’s presence here at this event that is taking place today. You will be in our thoughts and prayers until the day comes when we can enjoy a joyful reunion with you once more. These three men, Ron Hemby, Rick Evans, and Paul Smith, were victorious and earned the title of Imperials.