Ava Thompson Obituary, Death – Ava Thompson of Boulder has sadly passed away.  Guy E. Waldroop and Mary Elizabeth Dieter Waldroop, Ava’s parents, welcomed her into the world on June 8, in Mangum, Oklahoma. Her childhood was spent on a farm in Greer County, Oklahoma, near Mangum. When she was a kid, she had a pet pig and a pet hen who followed her around the farm wherever she went. She was run over twice on the farm, once by a manure spreader and once by a horse-drawn wagon transporting hay. She was the eldest of five siblings (four brothers and three sisters).

Ava married Jack H. Thompson on September 1, 1952, in Mangum, Oklahoma. They raised four boys in Tulia, Texas, and nearly perfected them all. If Ava and Jack had lived, their 70th wedding anniversary would have been on September 1, 2022. Ava and Jack were both active members of the Shirts and Skirts Club Square Dancing Club in Tulia and the surrounding communities for over ten years. Jack and Ava chose Tulia as their retirement destination, where they spent time with their 19 grandchildren, as well as their sons and their spouses, playing dominoes and the card game Rook, playing guitar, working puzzles, and socializing with friends and family. She later became a Jeopardy! fan and a die-hard National Basketball Association fan (NBA).

Ava was a wonderful person who worked hard as a mother and wife. She was a lovely, talented, and honorable lady who was everyone’s friend. She was the type of mother I wished everyone else had. I have never-ending love, the ability to inspire others, brutal honesty, encouragement, hard work, a sense of humour, and exceptional cooking skills. Her parents, Jack Thompson, six siblings, and her daughter-in-law, Ann Thompson, all died before her. Jack Thompson takes her place after she dies. Her brother Raymond Waldroop and his wife Margie survive her, as do her 19 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. Mark of Tulia, Brent and Sally of Tulia, Kirk and Sherry of Meade, KS, Tracy and Ann of Amarillo, and Tracy and Ann of Meade, KS are also survivors.