Baker Wilcox Obituary, Death – On the Saturday, December 3, 2022, at his home in Henderson, Nebraska, Baker Wilcox, the baby son of Chelsea and Jason, passed abruptly in a manner that was both sudden and violent. He was only three months old. It had been just three short months since he was brought into the world. At the McKown-Rice Funeral Home in the city of Genoa, visitors are invited to pay their respects on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The viewing will take place on that day. At the funeral service, no one other than members of the deceased’s close family will be present. Interment is in Friends Cemetery in Genoa. Baker Jay Wilcox was delivered into the world on November 1st, 2022 in the city of Henderson, Nebraska, by his parents, Jason and Chelsea (Jones) Wilcox. Baker Jay Wilcox was named after his grandfather, Baker Jay Wilcox, Sr. Baker Baker Jay Wilcox, Sr., Jay’s grandfather, was the inspiration for his grandson Jay’s name.

Baker’s parents, Jason and Chelsea Wilcox, along with a large number of other individuals, will have fond memories of their son. Campbell and Bergan are both referred to as sisters. The grandchildren’s paternal grandparents are Amy Egger (Mark), who lives in Boone, Iowa, and Clint Jones (Angie), who lives in Genoa, California. Both of these individuals have the surname Jones. The person who is the topic of this phrase is Linda (Ken) Wilcox, who was born and raised in Norfolk.

Aunts include Parker Jones (Danielle), Reid Jones (Taylor), Tyson Jones, Jackson Jones, Marcus Wilcox (Sadee), Noah Wilcox, and Isaac Wilcox (Claire). Tyson Jones, Jackson Jones, and Marcus Wilcox are all considered to be Uncles. Gail Anderson and Alice Uhing both have the right to be called great-grandmothers in this context. (Aunt: Hannah) Olivia is Grant Gasper’s cousin. Her uncles are Parker (Danielle) Jones, Reid (Taylor) Jones, Tyson Jones, and Jackson Jones; her aunt is Hannah; and her uncles are Marcus (Sadee) Wilcox, Noah Wilcox, and Isaac (Aunt: Hannah). Olivia is Gasper’s first cousin once removed.

All of the people listed below have passed away prior to him in this world: The Great, Great Grandparents were named as Clair and Sharon Jones, in the order that they were born. Don Anderson. The person who is known by his alias Jerome Uhing. Lois Wilcox, more commonly referred to as Ted Wilcox