Barbara Catlett Obituary, Death – Barbara Ann Henson Catlett was raised by her parents, Eunice and Rudy Henson, in Buena Vista, Virginia, where she was born. There are three brothers and six sisters in her family. When Barbara was a kid, she cherished her time at school and the connections she made with both her classmates and the adults who taught her. When Barbara was only twelve years old, however, her father Rudy lost his battle with cancer and passed away.

One of her teachers extended to her the opportunity to work as a nanny in New York while she was still in high school. She accepted the position, and simultaneously began attending business school in New York. She moved back to Buena Vista after completing her studies in business in order to be of assistance to her mother. She got her start in the workforce as a capable secretary at the Reeves Brothers plant. She was employed by Reeves Brothers for over fifteen years when the company finally went out of business.

She eventually got a job as a secretary at the St. John’s United Methodist Church after some time had passed. Barbara first became acquainted with her future husband, Freddy Catlett, while she was employed by Reeves Brothers. Later on, Chris Catlett, Marcie Carte, and Eric Catlett were born into their family after the couple tied the knot and started a family together. They separated the births of their children by five years “for academic purposes,” and one of her most cherished memories of her husband, Freddy, is the time he took her to see Elvis Presley in concert in Roanoke.

Elvis Presley was her all-time favorite musician. Freddy and Barbara were regulars at Todd’s, and in point of fact, it was their go-to dining establishment. Because they ate there so frequently, the employees started treating them more like family. Barbara carries on this tradition by visiting the site as frequently as she is able, and the residents of Buena Vista know her best for this reason. These days, Barbara’s favorite things to do are spend time with her family and grandchildren while also listening to Elvis Presley. Because she is my Grammy and I adore her, Barbara Catlett deserves to be called the “Best of Buena Vista.”