Benjamin Hurd Obituary, Death – Ben Hurd died in 2022. Ben’s tractor-trailer wrecked on the way to work. Christine and their children Hazel (who will be seven on December 14th) and Linden survive him (who is five). They moved to Middlebury after Ben was born in Southbury. He worked as an arborist with Southbury Tree Service. Ben has been with H.O. Penn Caterpillar in Newington, Connecticut, for seven years. His father retired in this manner. Ben transported big equipment and business goods overnight using tractor trailers.

He worked part-time as an arborist. Ben worked tirelessly to provide for his family. According to preliminary accounts, he struck a traffic obstacle and escaped a tragic collision. His car crashed and killed him. In November, Ben turned 47. Ben and Christine were beekeepers and gardeners in Middlebury. 16 years of marriage Ben ventured into beekeeping. Ben’s interest of beekeeping grew into a side business while he worked at Subway. Ben’s products, including honey, were available at local stores.

Ben and Christine assisted the LLS as part of “Team in Training.” Ben’s trips were highlighted in “Hammer Lane Legends” episode 126. After years of saving and living modestly, they purchased ten acres in Morris, Connecticut, to establish a farm and honey company, raise two children, and pursue their dream. Ben remodeled a run-down house they bought. The house isn’t done because it need maintenance. Ben’s death makes repaying construction debt more difficult. Ben personified the term “give you the shirt off his back.” Ben, too. He was constantly helping others while also looking after himself.

He began by assisting friends. Ben was able to juggle mechanically. He could fend for himself. He created tractor parts as well as syrup evaporators. Purchase vs. make. He saved money by doing manual labor, which he enjoyed. He raced, customized, and displayed GTIs. His curiosity piqued his interest. Ben sold honey to provide for his family. Insurance protects you. Christine and her daughters were left to take up the slack. They have bills to pay, health insurance to obtain, a home to upgrade, lost income to replace, and college savings.

Ben’s family’s finances have been decimated due to his lack of life insurance. I require assistance. Ben’s family and friends set up this GoFundMe page to help him with future months and holidays. They require room to concentrate on the voyage ahead. Click HERE To View Benjamin Hurd on Gofund Me