Benjamin Montgomery Obituary, Death –┬áThe Midland Police Department is aware of an accident that took occurred involving a motor vehicle as a direct consequence of information that was brought to their attention. The collision took place earlier today. This insight was obtained as a direct result of the information that was provided. According to the comments made by the police, there was only one vehicle involved in the crash. The statements made by the authorities may be found here for anyone who is interested in reading them. This piece of information can be found in this particular spot.

Benjamin Montgomery, a local who was born and raised in Midland, was on State Highway 158 at the time of the collision, but he was heading in the other direction of where it took place. When we last saw Montgomery, he was driving his own automobile and sitting behind the steering wheel. It was necessary for him to proceed back across all of the lanes of traffic that were moving in the opposite way in order to complete the U-turn that he had just accomplished.

After that, Montgomery ran into a fence, and after that, he began rolling over and over again. After that, he started rolling again. Following that, Montgomery proceeded into another fence. He was thrown off the moving vehicle, and by the time emergency personnel arrived at the scene, it had already been determined that he was no longer conscious and had thus passed away before their arrival.

It is not clear what caused the incident, nor is it clear whether or not the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when it took place. Both of these questions remain unanswered at this time. To each of these two issues, there is neither an answer nor a resolution that can be provided.

At this exact moment, the appropriate authorities are looking into the circumstances that led up to the occurrence of the event as part of an investigation that is currently being carried out.