Bogdan Tsvelih Obituary, Death – During the unrest that was taking place in Ukraine at the time that we were stationed there, a young member of the Windrose cabin crew vanished. This was a terrible and unlucky occurrence that took place throughout that period of time. Everyone is aware of the awful news that in the last week, a Ukrainian cabin crew member named Bogdan Tsvelih, who was only 24 years old, passed away while serving his nation.

All of you are going to receive this information now that it has been shared with you. Because there was no alternative course of action available to us, we were forced to make this choice, despite the fact that we felt an overwhelming degree of regret about doing so. According to Windrose Airlines, Cvelhom quickly became involved in the fight on the very first day in order to defend his country from the invasion that the Russians were carrying out at the time. This information comes from the very beginning of the conflict.

Windrose Airlines has been kind enough to supply us with this information. Please join me in combining our wings to offer our condolences from all over the world to our flying family at Windrose Airlines as well as to Cvelhom’s friends and family as they deal with the loss of a loved one and mourn Cvelhom’s departure from the company. If you are unable to join me, you can still send your condolences to our flying family at Windrose Airlines here.

If you are unable to be here with me today, you are still able to convey your sympathies to the flying family here at Windrose Airlines by clicking on this link. There is no question in my mind that you will acknowledge the kind gesture that I have made. The auxiliary units of both of our organizations are going to be combined into a single entity.

Our wingmen are going to make sure that they are communicating with one another and coordinating their efforts so that our mission will be successful. Please share your “Letters of Love” with us by posting them in the comment box below so that we may read them, and while you’re doing it, don’t forget to tell us where you are and which airline you’re travelling with! Thank you!