Brandon Koziar Obituary, Death – Brandon Koziar, 18, of Derby, was killed in a car accident on Thursday evening at Rock and 39th St. South. Koziar was driving north on Rock Road when he was hit by a Cadillac SUV driving south on Rock before turning east onto 39th St. South. It was determined at the scene of the collision that Koziar had passed away as a result of his injuries; on the other hand, the female driver of the Cadillac, who was 52 years old and was from Derby, was unharmed.

Regarding Koziar’s passing, the following was written and published on the Facebook page of Epic Church: “Brandon was known for his wonderful demeanor, as well as his compassion and his amazing hugs. He also had a great sense of humor. These were some of the reasons for which he gained his notoriety. Simply by being there, he improved the quality of life for everyone else, and all it took was his presence to accomplish this was his presence.

In addition, Brandon’s mother, Erica Koziar, published a post on Facebook in which she expressed her sorrow over the death of her son. The post was shared publicly “My baby boy. Passed away much too soon.” It’s too much for my broken heart to take in at this point.” One person was killed in a motorcycle accident that occurred south of Wichita, and the incident resulted in the loss of their life.

After receiving a report of a possible medical emergency at approximately 10:25 in the evening, emergency services were dispatched to the 3900 block of South Rock Road in response to the situation. One person was killed and another person sustained minor injuries as a result of the collision that occurred between the motorcycle and the other vehicle in Sedgwick County. Dispatchers from Sedgwick County were the ones who provided the information.