Brian Woodward Obituary, Death – Brian Woodward died unexpectedly at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, of an illness. He was born on August 29th in Albuquerque, and he had a significant amount of life left to him. Above all, Brian was a caring father, son, brother, husband, partner, and friend, and his presence in our lives improved the quality of each of these relationships. He was a father to three young children, each of whom had a special place in his heart, and he wanted nothing more than to give them a happy and successful life. I hope that the realization that he was successful brings him some peace.

As a result of Brian’s goofiness, humor, and smile, a blessing was bestowed upon those around him. He was a good writer, a chatterbox, intelligent, creative, and loved music; he was innovative and a good cook; he was always willing to help you with your computer or car; and he loved music. In addition, he was a gifted innovator and a superb chef. It is unknown whether Monster energy drinks will continue to be successful in the absence of his patronage, as he had a strong passion for both hunting and riding anything powered by an engine. He was also a big fan of the outdoors. He had a soft spot in his heart for his red Shelby, and he’d be overjoyed to learn that his son will cherish and respect it.

His red Shelby had a special place in his heart. He was tenacious, and no matter what obstacles he encountered, he always found a way. His children Terese, Audrey, and Jacob Woodward; his fiancee Sofia Garcia; his parents Eloise and Jim Spradley and Richard and Mary Woodward; his siblings Andrew Woodward, Daniel Spradley, Grace Spradley, Ronnie Lucero, and David Muniz; his former wife Abbie Woodward; many in-laws, cousins, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, nieces and nephews who were blessed to be his family; and many friends