Bridget Loughran Obituary, Death – Bridget Loughran (née Bradley), who had been a resident of 166 Davagh Road in Draperstown, passed away in a calm manner on December 7, 2022, at the Antrim Area Hospital. She had been a patient there since the previous year. Her passing took place on that particular day. It is with great sadness that her daughter Maura and her partner Paddy have learned of her passing. She was the devoted wife of the late John, who also passed away, and both of them are grieving deeply.

John, her husband, passed away a short time before she did. RIP. In addition, she was the sister of Francis Bradley Moyard, who was preceded in death by her brother J ohn Bradley, as well as her sisters Kathleen (Mackle), Anna (McCormick), and Mary (Mullan), as well as her sister Francis Bradley Moyard. Francis Bradley Moyard was also preceded in death by her sister Francis Bradley Moyard. She was also Francis Bradley Moyard’s sister, which is another interesting fact about her.

The wake for Bridget will begin on Friday at 1pm at her residence, and family time will run from 10:30pm to 10am both that night and the following morning. The wake will be held on the day after Bridget passed away. The funeral service will be held on the following day after Bridget’s passing. The memorial service for Bridget will take place the day after she passes away, on the following day. At 10:45 in the morning on December 10, Bridget will be laid to rest at her home, which is located at 166 Davagh Road in Sixtowns. The service will take place there.

At a later time, we will make an announcement regarding the location of the funeral service. The funeral service will be held at the chapel of St. Patrick in Sixtowns, and it will get underway at 11 in the morning. The burial will take place in the cemetery that is located in close proximity to the chapel where the service will be held. It is my sincere wish and prayer that she will, at long last, find peace in heaven.