Bryan McCarthy Obituary, Death – Because it caused me a great deal of agony, hearing the news that Maria’s husband, Bryan McCarthy, had passed away today was very difficult for me to take because it gave me a lot of grief. Bryan McCarthy was once Maria McCarthy’s husband, and they had a child together. In addition to her duties as a council member, Maria served as Mayor of the Shire for a portion of the time that she was on the Shire Council. This was in addition to the other responsibilities that she had as a council member.

Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer at an unnecessarily young age and passed away far too soon after receiving his diagnosis. He was a nice and kind man. It is a terrible thing that happened to cut his life short in such a way. The members and staff of the Mount Evelyn RSL would like to extend our most heartfelt thoughts and condolences to Maria and her family during this extremely difficult time. We understand that this is a challenging period for all of you. We are aware of the hardship that they are going through at this point in their lives.

Bryan’s dedication to the design and construction of new clubrooms for the Mt. Evelyn Football, Netball, and Cricket clubs was a clear indication of the enthusiasm he felt for the work that he was doing while he was serving as President of the MESCH Committee in the most recent years. This dedication was displayed during Bryan’s tenure as President of the MESCH Committee. In addition to that, the fact that Bryan was ready to get the task done was a clear indication of the excitement that he possessed for the work that he was performing at the time. In addition to that, the level of dedication he displayed was a glaring indication of how much he appreciated the work that he was doing, which was an excellent thing to see.
RIP Bryan.