Bryant Nolden  Death, Obituary  -On Wednesday, December 7, just a few hours after participating in commission committee sessions, Genesee County, Michigan commissioner Bryant Nolden passed away in a sad accident. His death occurred just a few hours after he had left the proceedings. Nolden, a Democrat who is currently working as the executive director of Friends of Berston Field House, has in the past been a member of the group and has also served on the Flint City Council.

He is also currently serving as the executive director of Friends of Berston Field House. Recently, he was successful in securing $11.5 million in funding for the nonprofit organization that he currently directs from the city of Flint as well as the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. This sum of money is going to be utilized on expanding completely renovating the Berston building. The sad news of Nolden’s passing was disseminated to the general public through the official Facebook page maintained by the city of Flint.

It was also announced that in his honor, the flags that are flown in front of City Hall will be lowered to the half-staff position for the duration of this week. On Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Charles Winfrey, a Democrat who represents Flint, was quoted as stating to MLive-The Flint Journal, “I’ve lost a very, very dear pal.” Winfrey’s comments were said to have been made during that time. The death of a member of the community who was dedicated to helping them right up until the very end of their lives has caused the community to be left in a state of mourning.

Winfrey, who sat next to Nolden, 57, during the meetings of the county commission committee that took place on Wednesday morning, stated that despite Nolden’s complaints that he was not feeling well, he continued to participate in the sessions and joke around with his coworkers before and after the meetings. Winfrey stated that this was despite the fact that Nolden sat next to him during the meetings of the county commission committee that took place on Wednesday morning.

Winfrey was quoted as saying that this was due to Nolden’s dogged determination to see the task through to completion. “He exerted so much pressure on himself that he nearly broke. Winfrey made the remark that Nolden, who was famous for being a public figure and administrator who was not afraid to get their hands filthy, was a diligent worker. Nolden was known for not being afraid to get their hands dirty. It has been relayed to us that he was a diligent worker who put in an extraordinary amount of effort, and that his vision for Berston was “as expansive as the Pacific Ocean.”