Carol Berry Obituary, Death – Sadly, Carol Berry left this world on Sunday, December 4, 2022, at the age of 70, due to a sudden and unexpected illness. Carol died peacefully with her beloved family and best friend at her side when she took her last breath.
Paul’s beloved and adored wife. A devoted mother who dotes on her three beautiful daughters, Clair, Joanne, and Tilly.
A sweet and considerate mother of Jamie and Ben’s respective wives. I am a Nannan who is filled with pride because of my grandchildren, Ellis, Declan, Courtney, Harrison, Beth, and Korben.

In addition, Carol had a deep and abiding attachment for Chloe and Molly. Carol was held in the greatest esteem conceivable by both her family and a large number of her friends. When she had the opportunity, she always made it a point to take Paul and Tilly along with her on trips in her caravan. You may find Carol tending to her pristine garden, reading a book from a popular mystery series, or thinking about the good old days at Trebor when she wasn’t away on her travels. On the 19th of December, 2022, there will be a funeral service held at the Brimington Crematorium at 1:50 p.m. in the afternoon.

Please limit your floral offerings to those from the family, and information about how to make gifts will be communicated very soon.
Carol’s favorite color was yellow, and she wore it often in the hopes that others would take notice of her cheerful mood and optimistic outlook on life. One of Carol’s goals was to have this accomplished. In addition to this, she wished for everyone to celebrate the event by throwing a party once it was over (after all, going to exciting parties was one of her very favorite things to do!).

It was Carol’s hope that everyone would toast her memory by raising a glass, think fondly of the times they shared together, and do so with a smile on their face. The Fox and Hounds, which can be found on Marsh Lane, is where all of this action will take place. It is going to be her all-time favorite dish, which is Chip Cobs, that will be served.