Carol Roberts Obituary, Death – When I got the phone news about Mrs. Carol, I was completely devastated. Shocked. Why did I just see her on Monday at the place where she works? It makes me feel terrible for Mr. Joe, as well as for their children and grandchildren, whom they adored so much. Nevertheless, I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt that she has already passed through the golden gates without being questioned in any way. A courageous woman of unwavering faith, one of the few people of that caliber whom I have ever encountered.

To know Mrs. Carol meant to understand the meaning of unselfish service. Since I’ve had the good fortune to work with her on and off for the past 14 years, I can say without a doubt that the compassion and meticulousness with which she approached each and every one of her clients served as an example to me. The sight of her remembering classmates from decades ago, only to have them respond with “…Mrs. Roberts? A good laugh was always had by saying, “You haven’t changed at all!”

During the time that she worked at the office, she served as a guide and instructor for me. She was always there to encourage and inspire me on my path to being a more valuable addition to the Clerk’s office. That Notary public test is on my to-do list and it will get done eventually. In the past few years, as the dynamics of our workplace have shifted, I’ve gone to her for guidance on how I may grow in my new role, and she has always been willing to provide it to me without hesitation. I can only hope that during the time I spend at work or in the community I can be even a small fraction of the unselfish lady Mrs. Carol was. Our neighborhood counted itself fortunate to have been able to count on her for as long as we did. I would want to remark that having known Carol Roberts has been beneficial for all of us. ~ EZ Kirby