Carol Smith Obituary, Death – As a result of the passing of Carol Puckett Smith, who taught fourth grade at North Sand Mountain school, the faculty, staff, and pupils there are in a state of mourning. Smith passed away not too long ago. Mrs. Smith is survived by her children, Kailey and Carson, as well as by her husband, Kevin. In addition to her children, Mrs. Smith was survived by her grandchildren. The day that Carol Smith passed away was December 6th, 2022, a Tuesday. The date of her passing was also a Tuesday. Since the day she started working at North Sand Mountain 25 years ago, Carol has been an exceptionally warm-hearted and attractive woman, both on the inside and on the outside. Since the beginning of her teaching career, she has maintained the same deep affection for each and every one of her pupils.

If you knew Carol or had a child who was enrolled in her class, you had the peace of mind of knowing that Carol would love, instruct, and care for your child. If you did not know Carol or did not have a child who was enrolled in her class, you did not have that peace of mind. You do not have this sense of tranquility if you did not know Carol or if you do not have a child who is currently a student in her class. She was an outstanding member of the faculty and never failed to go above and beyond the responsibilities that were delegated to her. Because she was regarded as a friend, a guide, and a teacher by everyone at the school, they all looked up to her a result.

She will be remembered fondly by those who knew and loved her, and their efforts will ensure that her legacy lives on. After the appropriate preparations have been made, each and every person will be kept up to date regarding the situation. We ask that you keep her family, as well as our NSM family, in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days and weeks as our school community mourns the loss of a much-loved member of our school community. In the coming days and weeks, our school community will be mourning the loss of a much-loved member of our school community.