Carole Beattie Obituary, Death – On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Carole passed away in a calm and peaceful manner in Sarasota, Florida. Beginning in the late 1970s, Carole and her husband, Bob, began using the prefix SUNSPRYTE in connection with the presentation of top-winning Wire Fox and Welsh Terriers to the fancy. During the time that she and Bob owned and operated their own interior design business in the Tampa Bay area, she kept a Wire Fox Terrier by her side at all times, and Bob had a Welsh Terrier. The Sunspryte name has been associated with the production of well over one hundred champion Wire Fox Terriers and Welsh Terriers.

Exhibiting dogs of both breeds, they were successful enough to win multiple National Specialties, multiple Best in Shows, and hundreds of Group Ones over the course of their careers, including the Terrier Group One award at the Westminster Kennel Club in 1999. Carole is the only person to have ever been awarded multiple Best in Show titles for her litter of Welsh Terrier puppies. At the 1991 Westminster Kennel Club Show, those littermates won Best of Breed, Group IV, and Best of Show respectively.

After that, Carole was a judge for the Terrier, Toy, and Sporting groups, in addition to the Best in Show competition. Her judging duties took her all over the world, including to locations in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, among other places. She was a wonderful guide for anyone who sought her advice and was known to be an extremely knowledgeable “dog person.” Everyone knew who Carole was thanks to her signature bouffant hairstyle and her extensive shoe collection, which was primarily composed of mules (high heels).

At the terrier show held in Montgomery County, Carole was there wearing her mules with rain covers on them despite the mud and rain that fell. Carole took great pride in her dogs and enjoyed seeing them compete in dog shows. She also cherished the group of people who participated in the shows that she so enthusiastically went to see. Following Carole’s passing, the Canine Chronicle would like to express its deepest condolences to her family, friends, and the entire community of dog show competitors. We will miss having her around.