Cathy Barrand Obituary, Death – The sudden and unexpected news that Cruiser Cathy Barrand has passed away has left those of us who knew and were close to her shocked and shaken. This is a terrible and distressing occurrence for all of us to deal with. According to her husband, Bill, at the time in question, the two of them had been married for a cumulative total of 49 years at that point in time. This information is according to Bill. An entire year She had the warmest smile and the most kind heart, and she was always willing to serve the Placers auto club and the Carptown Cruisers in any way that was required of her.

She was a member of the Carptown Cruisers. In addition to that, she was a part of the Carptown Cruisers. As a result of the fact that Cathy had been able to maintain these qualities throughout her entire life, many people had a very favorable impression of her. As a direct consequence of this, a sizable number of individuals held a tremendous amount of respect for her. We ask that you remember to pray for William Barrand (Bill) and the rest of the family at this trying time and keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

We are appreciative of the careful attention you have provided. We are grateful that you are taking into consideration the information that we have provided in our request. My hope and prayer is that you, Cathy, will now be able to find the peace and contentment that you so richly deserve in paradise, where there is now place for one more angel than there was before. Please accept these as expressions of my hope and prayer. Bill has indicated that there will be a memorial service done at a later time in order to give respect to the persons who have passed away and pay tribute to their lives.