Celeste Caracausa Obituary, Death – Mystic – Celeste Louise Caracausa (November 12, 1955 – November 29, 2022) On November 29, 2022, the beloved sister and friend to many people, Celeste L. Caracausa, passed away at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital in New London. She was surrounded by her family and friends at the time of her passing. She had 67 years under her belt. Celeste was one of the three founding partners of The Market—International Food and Gifts, which was located at 375 Noank Road in Mystic. A natural entrepreneur, Celeste was born to run her own business.

It was the first gourmet specialty shop and deli in the city of Mystic. Later on, she went on to become one of the founding brokers of Market Realty, LLC. Market Realty, LLC is a boutique real estate brokerage that she and her cherished sister Judi Caracausa established. Cottrell Street in Historic Downtown Mystic is where you’ll find Market Realty, LLC, and it’s right next to the water. At Central Connecticut State University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in 1977, Celeste focused her education on business administration while also pursuing a minor in art.

As a result, she is skilled in both the business world and the art world. In addition, she completed some of her graduate studies at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). She had a natural talent for mathematics and earned perfect scores in all of her accounting classes throughout high school and college. One of her favorite things to say was, “Numbers don’t lie, and you can always get them to balance,” which is a proverb. After graduating from college, Celeste started her career in the business world at Schnip Development Company in Norwich, Connecticut, working as an assistant to the vice president of finance there.

She loved all of her coworkers at Schnip, especially her mentor Glenn Gardner, and she gained a great deal of knowledge working there. Celeste’s next position was with General Dynamic, specifically in the finance department of their Eastern Data Systems Center in Norwich. Prior to co-founding The Market – International Food and Gifts with her husband and children in 1980, she spent a brief period of time at that location working as a financial analyst.

In addition to her successful career in business, Celeste pursued a wide variety of other interests. She cherished a variety of things, including animals, art, music, photography, and graphic arts, but her primary passion was property investment. She was always on her game, and despite the fact that she had been struggling with her physical health for the past 20 years, she made the most of each and every day. Celeste was a treasure to her coworkers in every place that she worked, many of whom she thought of as members of her own family. During the course of her life, she amassed an incredible circle of devoted and enduring companions.

Celeste is survived by her devoted sister Judi Caracausa of Mystic, as well as several cousins, a large number of close friends, and her cat, Mr. Ozzie Vincent. She will also be greatly missed by her family and friends. Her mother, Celeste D’ Angelo Caracausa, passed away in 2006, and her father, A. Vincent Caracausa, passed away in 1979. She was the only child of both of them.