Chad Boettcher Obituary, Death – On Saturday, Chad Boettcher, who had spent his entire life in the community of Sugar Camp, Wisconsin, passed away in the home that he had called his own. Boettcher had been a resident of the area all of his life. His parents, Harold and Paula Boettcher, were the ones who gave birth to him on July 23, and they also were the ones who delivered him. When he was first beginning his career, he entered the construction industry through the trade of carpentry. This was his entry point into the industry. He was well-known in the community as a handyman who put in a lot of effort and derived a great deal of fulfillment from the work that he accomplished using his hands.

Chad spent his entire life working in the building and construction industry as a builder and contractor. He was well-known for his ability to work with his hands and was frequently called a handyman as a result of this ability. He had a policy of keeping his door open to anyone and everyone and welcomed them into his life. One of Chad’s favorite things to do was to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. He spent a lot of time in the great outdoors and participated in a variety of outdoor pursuits like fishing, hunting, and camping. The time he got to spend with his children and grandchildren was the thing that he treasured the most above all other aspects of his life, including his career and his retirement. In his younger years, he was a very active member of the Boy Scouts organization and participated in all of its activities.

His great-grandmother, Paula Boettcher, along with his grandfather, Ken Elliott, and grandmother, Lois Elliott, all passed away before Chad was even born. His children are referred to as Frannie Boettcher, Nicki (Duck Kerce) Boettcher, and Joey Sanders. In addition to his children and step-sister, he is survived by his grandchildren JonMorgan, Layla, Isaac, Aiden, and Anthony. He is also survived by his step-sister Marion Arndt. His father, Harold Boettcher, as well as his brothers Chad (Steph) Boettcher, Mikey Arndt, and Matt Arndt, as well as his sisters Danielle Boettcher and Amber (Nate) Johnson, and his brothers Mikey Arndt and Matt Arndt, survive him.