Chad Crabtree Obituary,  Death – The man who was killed in a tragic accident at the Philips 66 Refinery in Roxana, which can be found at 900 South Central, has been recognized by Stephen P. Nonn, the coroner for Madison County, who was in charge of the investigation. The victim was a man who was originally from Owensboro, Kentucky, and he had been employed in that city at the time of the incident. The 15th of April was the day that the terrible thing took place.

According to Nonn, the victim was working as a project manager for the subcontractor Sterett Crane & Rigging, which was located at the refinery. A mechanical error occurred while the crane was being operated, which ultimately led to the crane becoming unstable and falling over.
The victim reportedly suffered head trauma as a direct result of the incident, as stated by Nonn. A second male worker, who was operating the crane at the time of his injury, was also taken to the nearby hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. Both of these workers were injured while on the job.

Coroner’s Investigator Shelbi Frakes arrived at the scene at 1:13 p.m. on Tuesday, December 6, 2022, and shortly after her arrival, she pronounced the deceased person dead at the scene. This occurred shortly after she arrived. The following person has been identified as the deceased after it was determined that they were the one who passed away:
According to the statements that were made by the coroner, Mrs. Crabtree has been informed about the tragic accident that occurred.

Investigators from the Roxana Police Department and OSHA are currently continuing their inquiries into the incident that occurred earlier today. Additionally present at the scene was the emergency response team from the refinery, which was providing assistance to those who required it. At this time, not all of the arrangements for the funeral have been finished being made even though they are almost ready. According to the information that was provided by the coroner, an autopsy is going to take place on the day after tomorrow.