Charlotte Cole Obituary, Death – On November 25, 2022, Charlotte Sue Cole, who had lived her entire life in the town of Moundridge, Kansas, and had reached the age of 52, passed away. The day of the week that she passed away was Friday. She was born in the city of Moundridge on September 10th, 1970, and her parents were Howard and Myrtle (Schmidt) Becker. Her birthday is September 10th. She did not have any siblings. The Sunflower Schools were Charlotte’s top choice when it came to educational establishments. She was active in the affairs of the Moundridge community and served as a member of the Gospel Church of God in Christ, Mennonite.

Charlotte was a conscientious housewife who also made a contribution to the upkeep of the Moundridge Manor by working as a baker in the establishment’s kitchen. Charlotte’s contributions were invaluable. The contributions made by Charlotte were extremely helpful. She started her new life as a married woman on September 29, 2002, when she tied the knot with Timothy “Tim” Cole, and this event marked the beginning of her new life. He was spared harm as a result of his successful flight from the house.

Her other two children, Caleb Cole and Benjamin “Ben” Cole, both of the home, as well as her mother, Myrtle Becker, of Moundridge, and both of her sisters, Lynette (Justin) Schmidt of Fruitland, Idaho, and DeeAnn (Merlyn) Goossen of Harrisburg, Arkansas, are also among those who have survived. Both of her sisters are married to men named Benjamin.

Both her father, Howard Becker, and her daughter Elizabeth, who had just become an infant at the time of her mother’s passing, had passed away before she did. Elizabeth, her daughter, had not yet reached her toddler years when she passed away.
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