Chris Christensen Obituary, Death – His family, friends, and the community at large were left in utter disarray when he passed away unexpectedly. Chris Christensen was an employee at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. “The discomfort permeates every part of my body.” Last night, Chris Christensen died after battling demons. Sad news. Mr. C was a big help to me in advancing my career as a violinist. My development as a musician during my time in elementary school was greatly aided by his guidance and encouragement. Thanks! It is all thanks to him that I am now proficient in playing my instrument. Both as a cellist and as a teacher, he is of the highest caliber. Quite a capable educator. After thirty years, the fact that I was still playing the violin brought a sigh of relief to his lips.

After noticing that I had not yet come to a complete stop, he said this to me. Once he had a clearer understanding of what had transpired, he reported feeling a great deal better. When he came to see one of my bands or me perform live, he was unable to contain his excitement and couldn’t help but get up and dance. When I was in a difficult situation, he came to my aid. Never deserted. He was helpful to me in many ways. He showed me the video in order to both help me learn his piece and to divert my attention from the events that are currently taking place around the world. He was gracious enough to explain everything to me. His advice was to immerse oneself in music and cultivate relationships with people who loved one another. It was at his suggestion that I start working on my musical skills.

I wish I’d helped him as you did. You’ve amazed me. We will remember you fondly, Mr. C, and the many positive contributions you made to this community. You played a significant role in my developing an appreciation for music and learning to play the violin. As a result of our conversation, I made the decision to teach myself how to play the violin. Thanks!