Christopher Galvan Obituary, Death – Christopher Galvan, age 39, has been identified as the person who detectives believe was fatally stabbed by a relative during a fight in Indio last month. The incident occurred after a domestic dispute. It is thought that the incident took place as a direct result of a disagreement between members of the family. The identity of the person who passed away has been revealed to be Christopher Galvan, according to the statements made by the Riverside County Coroner’s Office.

Indio police were called to the 82-900 block of Via Venecia on November 26 at approximately 6:48 p.m. in response to a dispute that had broken out amongst members of the same family. When the investigators arrived at the scene of the crime, they discovered the dead of three males who had been stabbed multiple times. They were sent to the hospital as soon as possible, but Galvan did not survive his treatment there and did not make it out alive.

A representative for the police department named Ben Guitron stated on Tuesday that the conditions of the other two victims have not changed since the original inquiry was conducted. The day after the stabbing, the condition of one of them had deteriorated to a critical state, but they have since made tremendous progress in their recovery. According to the statements made by the police, the suspect, Anthony William Pia-German, has connections to both the victims and the suspect. Anthony William Pia-German is 34 years old, and he was born in Indio.

Officials from the law enforcement agency that were looking for Pia-German spotted her the following day in El Centro, which was exactly one day after the attack. They then took her into custody. According to the documentation that was obtained from the detention center, he is currently being held on suspicion of having committed murder in addition to attempting to commit murder. On Friday morning at 8:30, he is expected to show up at the Larson Justice Center to answer the charges against him.