Christos Karnezis Obituary, Death –¬†Because Christos Karnezis was a member of our community, his demise leaves us bereft and with a great feeling of loss. We are grieved by the passing of one of our own. You always had a smile on your face and made it a point to welcome and start a conversation with anyone entered our building. In addition, you were always upbeat and positive in your demeanor. You made it a point to inquire about our well-being on a daily basis by inquiring, “How was your day, Sunshine?”

You used to routinely regale us with stories from “back in the day,” and every time you stepped through the door, you had a bright smile plastered across your face in anticipation of what you were about to share with us. You did a fantastic job of not only keeping us on our toes but also educating us about the business field in which we are employed. In addition to yourself, your exceptional judgment, as well as your insightful guidance and counsel, will be dearly missed.

You watched out for all of us, but especially for me, and you were willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure that we were well-prepared and had all that we had to be successful.  I am very appreciative of your efforts. You thought of everyone who was there at the club cabaret the same way you did, so you treated them all as though they were members of the same family. Your absence is painfully felt, and you have our word that we will never stop making the most of what you instilled in us and working hard to achieve a level of success that would make you proud.

You have our word because we will never stop making the most of what you instilled in us. Ice, I have a fantasy that one day you will be the one to greet all of us with that radiant smile as we enter the home. You will always be a VIP in our eyes, and we will make sure that you are treated as such! Dear buddy, we pray that you find eternal rest in this life.