Cindy Griffin Obituary, Death – On Wednesday night, two women were killed in a pickup truck racing accident in the Fort Worth suburb of River Oaks. It occurred on River Oaks Boulevard close to Jacksboro Highway after 9 o’clock at night. They were both dearly loved by Keith Lake Jr. Together, Madison Lake, 17, and Cindy Griffin, his 37-year-old girlfriend, were present. Lake, who arrived shortly after the accident, remarked, “Madison and Cindy were already on the ground with a blanket over them.” On Thursday, as he was thinking back on the details of the accident that the police had given him, he fought back tears.

There were two cars moving east on River Oaks Boulevard. In one instance, one of them collided with Griffin’s vehicle. According to Keith Lake, the posted speed limit in that area is 40 mph. They couldn’t have been going 40 mph when they crashed and died, he said. They had just picked up Madison’s boyfriend, Bishop Kline, 20, who was in critical condition and was taken to the hospital on Thursday, and the women had just left Griff’s Restaurant. Kline had just started working at Griff’s, and it was only his second day.

Carla Barrett, manager of the restaurant, said, “We didn’t really get a chance to know him, but he was really good the two days he was here, and I thought I’ve found a good one.” Barrett claims to have shown police footage of the speeding vehicles. Barrett explained what happened next: “The next thing you know, the truck slammed into the car and dragged it pretty far down toward Dollar General.” Thursday, people who had been affected by the tragedy brought stuffed animals and flowers to the scene of the accident to pay tribute to those who had died.

As the saying goes, “There’s no use looking for one. The places where you can race are called “raceways” or “drag strips,” and they are completely legal. It’s a residential street that they’re speeding down. “My girls would be home right now if they weren’t doing that,” Lake said. The River Oaks Police Department, with the help of accident reconstructionists from Fort Worth, is still looking into the cause of the collision. On Thursday, no charges were submitted. And one of the racecar drivers was still in the hospital.