Clarisse Frécon Obituary, Death – Clarisse Eva Frécon was a patient at the long-term care facility that was located within the Redvers Health Centre on the day that she passed away, which was on November 30, 2022. Her passing occurred on that date. She had lived a full 92 years of her life and had reached the age of 92 when she passed away. She had reached the age of 92. Her descendants, including Frécon and his wife and their children, David (Bonne) and his family, and all of their offspring, will always hold the memory of their mother in the highest regard. Her progeny also includes David (Bonne) and his family. Tammy Poirier, who played Alain, Corrina Dornian, who played Phil, Krista Borreson, who played Meghan, and Colin Frécon, who played Colin; Allison Eyres; Lucille Gervais, who played Louis; and their children also appeared in the episode.

The identities of the four actors who have been revealed to be a part of the ensemble are as follows: Phoebe Douglas (Richard), Neil (Melissa) Gervais, Andrea Balon, and Conrad. Her husband Albert, her son Emile, her parents Alphonse and Gabrielle Rogg, her siblings Therese (Henry) Rutten, Denise (Marcel) Frécon, George (Jeannette, Rita) Rogg, Gerry (Seretha) Rogg, and her step sister France Rogg all passed away before she did. Her step sister France Rogg also passed away before she did. Her half-sister France Rogg had already passed away prior to her own passing. Her step-sister France Rogg, who was also her half-sister, had preceded her in death. She was also known as France.

On Monday, December 5, 2022, at one o’clock in the afternoon, the funeral mass will be held at the Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church in Redvers, Saskatchewan. The Reverend Ronald Andree is scheduled to serve as the officiant for the event. After the funeral, which will take place at the Redvers Town Cemetery, there will be a time of fellowship and refreshments held in the parish hall. The get-together is open to anyone who would like to go, and their presence will be warmly welcomed. The Redvers Town Cemetery will serve as the final resting place for the individual who has passed away.