Clark Dixon Obituary, Death – At Cacapon Resort State Park, it has come to our attention that a longtime nature center volunteer, guide, and friend by the name of Clark Dixon has recently passed away. The news has brought on a feeling of profound melancholy for all of us. He was an advocate for West Virginia State Parks and a supporter of them, and thanks to a program called Very Important Parks Person, he was able to visit the vast majority of them (VIPP). Clark had a significant influence on the lives of the children who took part in the outdoor education and interpretive programs offered at the nature center. Because he had so much experience working for the National Park Service, he was able to lend a hand in instructing our interpretive staff as well.

Clark has led a great number of hikes over the years, but the “First Day Hike” that took place on January 1st of each year was one of his personal favorites. Campfires in Cacapon were one of his all-time favorite things to organize and direct, and he did both of those things frequently. He demonstrated how to cook with Dutch ovens, and how to build fires using traditional techniques, and he led many songs around the campfire, which he found extremely enjoyable. He was very active in the arts, taking part in a wide range of different programs and even instructing others how to paint with watercolor.

As a fellow naturalist, he discovered that Cacapon was the ideal location for him to unwind and take in the splendor of the surrounding natural environment. His friendliness and enthusiasm for the great outdoors were contagious, and if you had the good fortune to spend some time with him in the great outdoors, whether on a guided hike or during one of the many educational programs that are offered in the great outdoors, you would quickly catch on to both of these qualities. Many people will think of him fondly in the years to come. During this trying time, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all of his friends.