Coffey Krohn Obituary, Death – On November 15, Ellen Coffey Krohn passed away suddenly, and it does not appear that the circumstances surrounding her death were directly related to the decline in function of her kidney. It appears that the circumstances surrounding her death were unrelated to the decline in function of her kidney. Ellen had been having months of increased health; she had recently undergone hip replacement surgery, which allowed her to move around without experiencing any pain.

This made it possible for her to enjoy the benefits of improved health. She had traveled all the way to Chicago to be with her family and to be of assistance to Kate while she recovered from the organ transplant she had received. Spending time with her son Jake seemed to bring her nothing but joy and happiness. Her sons Hal and Jake, as well as her grandchildren Kai and Bryan, together with the rest of her family and friends, will miss her tremendously. Her passing will also be deeply felt by the rest of her extended family and friends.

Following their operations, which took place in April and July of 2022, respectively, Steve and Kate are both doing well and have made full recoveries. The process of changing medicine is not without its ongoing complications, but we are optimistic that these issues will be resolved over the next few months. Because of the donations, they no longer need to undergo kidney transplants or dialysis treatments. This marks a significant milestone in their lives.

In the beginning, this page was made with the purpose of locating kidneys for Ellen, Steve, and Kate. We did not foresee that it would end up happening in this particular way. We are grateful for the expressions of support that have been extended to us in the form of greeting cards, letters, emails, and phone calls during the previous six months. We ask that you continue to keep both our family and our community in your thoughts and prayers. As a direct result of having kidneys transplanted into their bodies, Ellen, Steve, and Kate have each witnessed a major enhancement in the general quality of life that they enjoy.