Colin Cole Obituary, Death – Colin Cole, the Australian comedian , who stood 6 feet 7 inches tall and was a common sight on the stand-up circuit in the United Kingdom, is said to have passed away at the age of 66, according to a report. It was a Western Australian concert promoter by the name of ‘Dools’ Doolieman who was the first person to post the information on Facebook and share it with others. He said that Col was not only a great act but also hilarious company in the car while they were on tour. Big guy, I’m going to miss you so much because I felt as though you were my own brother the whole time we were together.

In addition to this, he admitted that Cole, who was especially active on the Jongleurs circuit in the 1990s, “wasn’t always the most PC comedian on the planet.” Cole was particularly active on the Jongleurs circuit during this time. Cole was one of the most active participants on this circuit. Even though Cole wasn’t the most creative stand-up comedian, he was still in high demand because of his ability to tell jokes and command an audience, no matter how rowdy they were. This ability made him very popular.

Today, many people paid tribute to him on social media, including Andre Vincent, who stated that the news was “gutting.” He said that Cole was a man with a large physique but an even larger heart than he himself possessed. Since Big Col is no longer around, we can finally joke around without feeling threatened. Joe Wells continued, “Sad news about Colin Cole, he was always very kind to me backstage.” “Sad news about Colin Cole,” Never once did he treat me as less than an equal, despite the fact that we came from very different backgrounds and that he had a great deal more experience working in nightclubs than I did at the time of our meeting. Cole was born in 1956 in the city of Brisbane, which is located in Australia. South East London was his home at the time of his passing away from this world.