Connie Weaver Obituary, Death – This morning, at an early hour, Connie Weaver, who was a co-owner of our company, a wife, and a mother, passed away, and we were among the first people to learn of her passing. Connie was married, and she was a mother. Unanticipatedly, she ended her own life by hanging herself. Because of this information, we are going through a tremendous amount of anguish and loss, and the fact that we are obligated to share it with you is something that has caused us a great deal of emotional distress. Because of this information, we are going through a tremendous amount of anguish and loss.

When she leaves, each and every one of us is going to miss her in a variety of different ways due to the significant role she played in our lives. She was a stalwart defender of the local families, friends, and adjacent communities, in addition to the small businesses that were located within our town, and she was an advocate for those communities’ small businesses. She was a protector not only of our town, but also of the villages that surrounded it. A person who, in comparison to other people, exhibits an exceptionally low level of self-centered tendencies.

Both the dinner service that is planned to take place later today and the pop-up event that is planned to take place tomorrow will continue in accordance with their respective schedules and will not be affected in any way. The dinner service is scheduled to take place later today. She had a considerable amount of interest in that topic, and she was extremely eager to hear a response from the both of us regarding it.

We ask that you, our valued customers and clients, have additional patience with us during this difficult time of loss, and we want you to know how much we appreciate your understanding. We are sorry for the loss that has befallen us. During this challenging time, we are extremely grateful to everyone who has shown love and support for Connie by being there for her and showing her that they care. We especially value those who have told her they are there for her.