Corey Blair Obituary, Death – ┬áBlair, who was 17 years old and from Farina, Illinois, passed away on Monday. He was born in Effingham, Illinois, in 2005. Corey Blair is his biological father, but Anthony “Tony” and Michele (York) Ruesken brought him up as their own child. His biological father is Corey Blair. In addition to being a part of the Clay County 4H club, he was also a part of the North Clay FFA and took part in the judging of livestock that the organization was responsible for.

Blair enjoyed spending time in the woods with his grandfather and his cousins, and it was one of his favorite places to go. He spent the majority of his time outside, engaging in pursuits such as riding ATVs, hunting, fishing, fishing, camping, and repairing things. He also enjoyed camping. Cattle and rabbits were Blair’s favorite types of animals to exhibit at shows. He was solely responsible for the management of his own herd of working cattle.

When Blair was younger, he was involved in a number of extracurricular activities, including basketball and the Boy Scouts. He attended a junior high school. Blair has fond memories of helping out on the farm, both the one his family owned and the farms owned by his friends. During the winter months, he was employed at Menards, and during the summer months, he located temporary work in the construction industry.

He is survived by his parents, Tony and Michele Ruesken of Farina; his brother, Lance Ruesken of Farina; his sister, Leigha Ruesken of Farina; his grandparents, Rick and JoAnn York of Edgewood, Paul and Linda Ruesken of Effingham, Donnie and Tonya Blair of Jewett; great-grandpa Eddie York of Edgewood; great-grandma Shirley Ruffner of Mason; and a large number of aunts

Jenny York was his great-great-maiden grandmother’s name, and Paul Ruffner was his great-great-maiden grandfather’s name. Before he was born, both of his sets of great-grandparents, Harold and Elizabeth “Betty” Ruesken and Robert and Catherine Flood, had already passed away.