Damon Earl Obituary, Death – The passing on of the news regarding Detective Damon Earl’s passing is something that we are obligated to do, so we do it despite the fact that it leaves us with a heavy heart. On November 28, 2022, Detective Earl died away tranquilly in the setting that he had referred to as home for the entirety of his life. In December of 2012, Damon Earl became an officer with the Nevada State Police. Soon after his promotion, he was given responsibility for the agency’s Parole and Probation Division.

In 2017, he was promoted to the position of Detective within the Major Crimes Unit of the Investigation Division as well as the TriNET drugs task force. The TriNet drugs task force is responsible for both of these positions, so they fall under their purview. In addition to that, he was employed by the Sparks Police Department’s law enforcement division as an officer in that division’s patrol division. Detective Damon Earl was regarded highly by his fellow officers in the department because he was a warm and giving person who got along well with everyone.

He was known for putting in a great deal of effort in all he did. He often talked about his family as though they held a very special place in his heart, and each time he did so, he did so with a great deal of pride and contentment. His wife, two of his children, and one of his grandchildren will carry on the legacy that he leaves behind once he passes away.

The level of commitment, pride, and service that Detective Earl gave as a member of the law enforcement community left an impression that will continue to reverberate throughout the entire state of Nevada and in our communities even after he has passed away. His legacy will live on in our hearts and minds. During this trying time, the members of his family, who will forever be a part of the Nevada State Police family, are in our thoughts and prayers. We are sorry for the loss of your loved one.