Dan Conroy Obituary, Death – Dan Conroy, who passed away and was a resident of Paris, Tennessee, had reached the age of 82 on the day he passed away. This occurred on a Sunday. Dan is survived by his wife of 38 years, Barbara (Ellis); his daughter, Dana Conroy; his son, Daniel J. Conroy; his stepdaughters: Karren Ponton and Jennifer Koehler; his stepsons: Paul Koehler and William Koehler; one grandchild; three great-grandchildren; 13 step-grandchildren; 16 step-great-grandchildren; his sister-in-law, Marsha Conroy; and a number of cousins.

Dan passed away on September The month of September saw the passing of Dan. The loss of Dan occurred on the first of February in the year 2019. James Conroy, his brother, as well as both of his parents, Daniel M. Conroy and Adele (Smith) Conroy, had already passed away before he did. He was the last surviving member of his family.

Dan spent his entire life in the Midwest’s state of Illinois, specifically in the city of Chicago, where he was born and raised. He had residences in Schererville, Indiana, and Oak Forest, Illinois, prior to his retirement in Paris, where he now resides. Both of those locations had been homes for him in the past. His work history includes stints at Union Carbide and Stauffer Chemical, both of which are well-known corporations.

In due time, he arrived at the point where he was able to hand in his resignation from his position at Martin Oil. Dan was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend to many people throughout his life. In addition, he was a veteran of the United States Army, a volunteer with the Schererville Fire Department for the past thirteen years, a participant in the National Rifle Association and the Schererville Amateur Shooting Sports, and a graduate of the Henry County Citizens Police Academy.

In addition to that, Dan was a participant in the Schererville Amateur Shooting Sports and the National Rifle Association. In addition to being one of the most devoted fans of the late Les Paul, he was also a freestyle guitar-playing purist. He was a master of the instrument. One of his primary musical inspirations was Les Paul.