Danielle Cabana Obituary, Death – Danielle Mei Cabana, age 6, was rushed to the British Columbia Children’s hospital complaining of symptoms that were similar to those of the flu. Unfortunately, she passed away unexpectedly while she was there. According to a post that Danielle Cabana’s father, Denis Cabana, had written on Instagram, Danielle Cabana had come down with the flu at the same time as her sisters around the time that Remembrance Day was approaching. On Wednesday before, when it appeared that Danielle was still suffering from the flu despite the fact that her sisters had recovered, she was taken to the hospital.

Her sisters had recovered from the illness earlier. Myocarditis brought on by influenza was the diagnosis that was made after she had been rushed to the intensive care unit as promptly as possible. She subsequently underwent two heart procedures and had started breathing on her own the previous Saturday, but she ultimately passed away after suffering a “massive stroke.” “While we may not be able to see or touch her again, her spirit and memories will live forever within her parents and sisters,” wrote Denis. “We will celebrate her life by living our lives to the fullest and making sure that she lives vicariously through us while we do so,”

A GoFundMe page was created with the intention of assisting the Cabana family, and as of today, it has raised more money than the initial target of $65,000 that was set for it. Members of the Richmond Jets Minor Hockey Association will also be commemorating Danielle’s memory by wrapping the tape on their sticks in a camouflage pattern in order to show their support for the organization. The moments that Danielle spent with her father in the great outdoors, such as on hunting and camping expeditions, served as inspiration for her practice. Danielle was a member of the Richmond Ravens and held the position of the player while she was with the team.

Members of the community are encouraged to add pictures of Danielle and to tell stories about her in the comments section of any posts they make. “Pictures that we haven’t seen of Dani that have popped up over the past two days have brought one of the largest smiles to our faces over this awful era,” wrote Denis. “These pictures have brought one of the largest smiles to our faces over this horrific period.” “We haven’t seen these photographs in a couple of days,” she said. “I find myself having a terrible amount of fear that when the posts halt, she will b.” “We haven’t seen these pictures in a couple of days.”