Darlene Harbison Obituary, The authorities have a strong suspicion that the human remains that were discovered belong to a resident of Butler County who has been listed as missing. The remains that were found were located in woodland when they were recovered. Authorities in Butler County and Armstrong County believe that on Monday, what is believed to be the skeletal remains of Darlene Harbison, a resident of Butler County who was reported missing from her house in Frazer Township, were most likely recovered in Armstrong County.

Ms. Harbison was last seen leaving her home in Frazer Township. The last time anyone saw Ms. Harbison, she was exiting her home in Frazer Township. When anyone in Frazer Township saw Ms. Harbison again, she was leaving the house where she had been living. It was stated that Harbison had not been seen since she left her residence in Butler County. It was also stated that she had not been located. It was said that the woman, who was 59 years old at the time, was seen by her family members for the very last time on September 11 of this year. It was difficult to get in touch with her and find out how she was doing when she returned from the camping vacation she had taken with her child.

According to a statement from the police of Allegheny County that was included in a release, a hunter in West Franklin Township, Armstrong County, Allegheny County witnessed a motorbike rider go over a hillside. This information was included in the release. The announcement was updated to reflect the statement. The announcement was updated to accommodate this new information. The investigation that was carried out by state police in Kittanning led to the discovery that the license plate number in issue was one that had been registered to Harbison. This was discovered as a consequence of the investigation that was carried out.

As a result of the investigation, human skeleton remains were found in close proximity to the motorcycle when it was finally concluded. During the course of the study, they did not depart at any time. The official identification of the deceased’s remains will be provided by the medical examiner for Allegheny County, who will also be responsible for making the determination. The medical examiner for Allegheny County will be responsible for making the determination.

Allegheny County detectives opened an official investigation into the homicide of Harbison after concerns were raised during a welfare check on Harbison that was carried out by police from Frazer Township. The check on Harbison’s welfare was carried out by officers from Frazer Township. The purpose of the inspection was to establish whether or not Harbison posed any health risks.