Dave Wightman Obituary, Death –┬áBecause the devastating news of Dave Wightman’s passing was delivered to each and every one of us at the same time, we have all been hit with a great sense of mourning and loss. Dave was well-known not only for his skill as a curler but also for his positive attitude and general manner. All of these aspects of his character made him well-known. Everyone in the community of wheelchair curling held a warm and favorable impression of him, and now that he has passed away, they will all grieve for him a great deal since he was a beloved member of their group. He had a lot of friends and garnered a lot of respect in this community.

Everyone who was there when he passed away will be overcome with a profound degree of sorrow once he did.
Dave had previously been a member of the WCC in South Lanarkshire, and all throughout the length of his service there, he had been the beneficiary of a great lot of acclaim and appreciation for his work there. In the past, this had occurred. In addition to that, he was a participant in the activities that were organized by the WCC and was a member of the organization that was based in South Lanarkshire.

In addition to this, Dave had previously held the position of vice chairman of the SWCA while he was in charge of leading that organization. This was during the time when Dave was in charge of managing the organization. This occurred during his tenure as the organization’s leader at the time in question. We are keeping all of his close friends and members of his family in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this terrible time. We are saddened by the news of his passing away. In addition to this, we are thinking about each and every member of his family during this difficult time.